If you’re interested in making money online, chances are that you’ve heard of affiliate marketing programs that help folks earn 7 figure income sitting at home. Such unrealistic claims, however, often lead to scams and other wheeler-dealer offers that leave you worse off. So, when I heard of the Internet Jetset program by John Crestani, I was quite skeptical. I just wanted someone to help me clarify if the Super Affiliate System is legit and whether (or not) there’s an ounce of truth in what John says in his social media posts.

Unfortunately, for me, I had to learn the hard way. I started off by buying the Internet Jetset subscription and accidentally paid up for one of their upsells. If you had asked me at the time when I lost (well, almost) the $187 to the upsell I hardly needed, I would have told you spot-on that John Crestani is a spammer and that you should keep away from him.

But what happened afterward is what changed my perception of him and the entire team behind this program once and for all. I simply dropped them an email and even though they took quite some time to respond to it, I eventually got my cash refunded. Those of us who have worked with spammers know all too well how they behave. They’re always looking for the slightest opportunity to run away with your money. And clearly, that’s not what John Crestani is about because as you can see I got my cash back which is in line with their money-back guarantee guidelines.

But why I’m I so confident that the Internet Jetset program works? Here are my 5 good reasons.

Reason 1: John Crestani Is Real

One unique characteristic of scams is that they’re usually operated by some faceless individuals. I checked John’s background and he seems legit also. The only issue I have with him is that he makes some pretty hyped up claims. Plus he also likes to take photos of himself in exotic destinations and next to Lamborghinis. It’s not unusual for marketers to pull such stunts to create curiosity around their products. On the flipside, though, such a strategy might easily make one sound or seem pushy. But all in all, we can confirm that John is a real person, not some faceless person using stock photos to swindle unsuspecting internet users.

Reason 2: He Refunds Cash

For me, this is the best reason to believe in the fact that he’s indeed legit. There’s no way in this world that a scammer is going to let you get your money back. Period. So, you can choose to give this program a shot today knowing all too well that you can get your money back in case you don’t like it. And for that reason, it’s safe to say that you risk nothing when you give this program a shot. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to part with a single dime – and that’s kind of cool.

Reason 3: He’s Clickbank Certified

If there’s anything like that! But well, John sells his program via ClickBank which is a legitimate and reputable platform. Best of all, it is ClickBank which handles your payment process – and this is done through an SSL certified platform. So, you don’t have to worry about your credit card information being misused by anyone.

Reason 4: My Results

When I first started the affiliate marketing journey, my Amazon Associate’s account was closed within 90 days because I did not manage to make a sale. I totally gave up on my dream to quit my day job. But a few years down the line, I discovered the Super Affiliate System (SAS) I was able to re-apply for the same account and make at least 10 sales within the first 100 days. I know that may not sound like a huge number of sales to brag about but if you have ever given affiliate marketing a shot and failed, you know how encouraging it is to make a sale and see the commission amount trickle down to your account. Eventually, I was able to grow my sales and created an extra website. So, I have two and the task now is to keep scaling them up.

Reason 5: The Program Has Been Around For Quite Some Time

Yup, this course has been around since 2016. That’s 3 years and counting – and long enough for the internet world to red flag it. But to-date, no one has really come out with any solid claims against this program. There may be a few disgruntled users out there who say all manner of things about it but that should not worry you. I mean, even the most perfect product on Amazon is bound to have one or two negative comments. And since the success of John Crestani’s program is determined by how you use it, most people are bound to misunderstand it.

So, Does It Work?

Let’s first start with the bad news. And the bad news is that this program isn’t a magic pill that works overnight. It’s not a plug-and-play tool. You have to put some work into it for you to see the results. So, if you’re looking for a quick and hassle-free way to make a living, this might not work for you. I’m sorry to burst your bubble!

However, if you’re willing to sweat it out, sacrifice for a few days, and customize it to suit your needs, then this is a course worth looking forward to. You only need to be taking one lesson at a time. Don’t rush through the videos just for the sake of finishing the course. It’s better to take a slow but sure approach if you want to benefit, in my opinion.

What We Don’t Like

  • No live chat and phone-based support
  • John’s pushy sales pitch on his social media posts
  • I didn’t like some of their upsells, they good this is that they’re optional

Final Thoughts & Verdict

If you’re looking to make your big break in affiliate marketing, this is a course worth taking a closer look at. And yes, it works if you put some sweat capital into it. Verdict: Worth trying out provided your expectations are set right.