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The Super Affiliate System PRO is a training course designed to help you create a successful affiliate marketing business that generates a sizeable monthly side-income, or part-time income.

Super Affiliate System is a company that promotes affiliate marketing whereby the affiliate is given the latest tips, trends in the online business. Affiliate marketing is where the affiliate participates actively in promoting a product and connecting the product to various customers online.

The affiliate is rewarded a commission if they successfully succeed in getting a customer to buy a product or service. The website owner, John Crestani, an expert in internet marketing, business development, Google AdWords, social media ads, and SEO optimization of websites.

What Does Super Affiliate System Pro Do?

The company specializes in all types of affiliate marketing businesses. New visitors who come to the website are given a free guide to all that entails to a successful affiliate marketer. Multiple templates are well categorized from the beginner level to expert.

You will be in a world of online marketing content. There are landing pages, email updates, tutorials, and even better, you get to access John Crestani directly through his weekly webinars.
The website contains all the tools needed to make you a professional affiliate marketer.

After six weeks of consistent learning, you will not only emerge as a marketing expert, but also a trainer who can give lessons to other potential affiliate marketers. There are over 50 hours of video and audio recordings that are geared to sharpening your skills as an affiliate marketer.

How do I develop the entrepreneur mindset through Super Affiliate System?

There is pretty much to learn from the company in terms of honing your skills as an entrepreneur. The company will give you tips to consider for you to successfully identify the right path to follow and avoid possible landmines in the business.

We all would like to be successful in the business, right? The company will give you the proper guidance and training that will make you earn your first commission without much effort.

You will get to know how to join a minimum of 10 affiliate programs with little or no experience. Trainees will also get to know the 24- minute exercise that is taught by John Crestani that will make you overcome any barriers that may arise in your online marketing journey.

How Do I Identify The Right Product and Offers to Market?

That is a pretty obvious thing when it comes to affiliate marketing. We all want to make the most out of affiliate marketing without giving much effort. The company will teach you exactly that.

One of the things that distinguish a successful affiliate marketer from a struggling one is the product they are promoting. Throughout the training sessions, you will be given a systematic approach to how you can identify the market niche that will work for you and give you high commissions.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, some products sell more than others. With the right logarithms and research, you will be able to identify the right product that should keep you profitable for the longest time.

This will also save more time, as you will spend less time promoting the product online. After the training sessions, you will be able to tell the difference between a low commission and a high commission. The trainee will get to learn the best programs that pay their affiliates commissions that are higher than the amount of cash the product owner will get after a successful sale.

Which Sites Does The Program Recommend For Posting Affiliate Links?

Super Affiliate System recommends multiple social media websites that an affiliate marketer can post their marketing links. Some of these include; Adwords, Youtube, Twitter, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many other websites that allow ads.

The company discourages the trainees from inboxing individual members on their social media accounts. The best way to go about this is by creating live ads on the websites mentioned above.

However, creating an ad may not be enough and may give you dismal results.

They will go further and train you on how to optimize and customize your ads for them to reach their target audience. You will also get to know useful copywriting tips that will make you profitable for the longest time possible.

Apart from posting links online, you should be able to create trust with those that click the links posted. How real is the product you are promoting online? This implies that you ought to conduct the necessary research that will enable you to give proper details on your ad. Throughout the training, you will be given the best communication skills that are required for a successful affiliate marketer.

Also, apart from social media marketing, the trainee will be given lessons on how to successfully create marketing surveys that will lead to successful sales. The survey that is supposed to be created should direct a customer towards buying a particular product you are marketing.

Does Super Affiliate System Have Live Webinars?

Yes. Those undergoing the six weeks training will get access to a live webinar from the company owner, John Crestani. The webinars happen every month, and they cover various topics that relate to affiliate marketing.

In the webinar, you will get to learn the latest trends in the business. The session will allow you to ask questions about areas you did not understand. In case you miss the live webinar, you can easily access it on the website if you have an active account.

It is also an excellent opportunity for you to have John review your marketing approach, copywriting strategies, among other affiliate marketing approaches.

Live webinars are essential as you will get to know the latest marketing tips that will help you promote different products and businesses. Keep in mind that affiliate marketing can also be applied to boost your own business. This implies that you can choose to work for your website or business.

How Are The Lessons Broken Down?

Super Affiliate System training lessons should last up to six weeks. The lessons are broken down into six subtopics. The subtopics include;

  • Week one involves lessons that will enable you to set up an account on multiple platforms and earn your first commission. This includes setting up ads, affiliate links, and giving you tips on how to achieve this.
  • Week two lessons will be about identifying the right niche and having the right mindset to do the business. The trainee will be able to know how they can choose the right ad network and specialize in it.
  • Week three lessons will see the trainee get advanced marketing skills for affiliate marketing businesses. The trainee will get to learn to copy write and how to optimize online content. Marketing involves tapping into the emotions of the customers.
  • Week four lessons will make the trainee get to know how they can create Facebook and Google ads. How will you make sure you are compliant with the ever-changing Facebook terms and conditions to avoid your account getting closed? Also, you will get to understand the various metrics that help you remain profitable.
  • Week five lessons are all about setting up a YouTube ad successfully and make profits from it. The student will also get to learn what native advertising is and also how to navigate on websites such as Taboola, Outbrain to boost their affiliate marketing business.
  • The final part of the lesson will be during the sixth week. This is where the learner will get to know how to scale and automate their business. The trainee will get to know how to use survey funnels to boost their ads. You will also get to know how to increase your sales tremendously on a large scale.

How Do I Get Started with Super Affiliate System?

The first step is purchasing the Super Affiliate System 3.0. You will be required to have an active website with a domain name. Payment of the $997 will give you access to multiple marketing strategies; learn how to create a successful online business, among other perks.

The company does not require any monthly subscription once you pay the $997. The purchase comes with a return policy that lasts up to 30 days. This means that you can request for a refund in case you feel you are not getting the value for money.

Also, there are no computer skills needed. Once you successfully log in to the website, you are good to go.


  • Easy to start
  • Low operation cost
  • You can work anywhere, anytime
  • A right way of generating income without getting out of your bed or couch
  • No limit in terms of the amount of money to be earned
  • Can be used by people of all gender and age


  • At times one may feel lonely working as an affiliate marketer
  • Can be tedious trying to identify the right product
  • May discourage those from joining thinking it is a get rich quick scheme
  • Earning is only guaranteed when a person buys a product using your referral link


Super Affiliate System is one of the easiest and surest way you can start earning money online and even better boost your business. This applies to both newbies and those that would love to supplement their income.

The website is well organized to allow you to have an easy time navigating through all the necessary learning templates. The site has many learning resources as well as weekly coaching sessions by the owner, John Crestani.

The image above (Left: ShareASale / Right: AvantLink) is to show you guys the results I was able to generate because of all the training I received from the program.